Solan Strategies

Maximizing Funding Opportunities

Energy, sustainability, and national security expert with unparalleled knowledge of federal R&D and demonstration funding opportunities, teaming, merit evaluation, and award negotiation. Solan Strategies also has first-hand experience as a successful funding applicant with more than 20 research awards from the Department of Energy (DOE), the National Science Foundation, DOE national laboratories, non-profits, industry and the International Atomic Energy Agency. Expert in communicating concepts, proposal development, award capture, delivering performance and closeout.

Navigating the Executive Branch

Understanding how to communicate effectively with agencies and the dedicated staff who implement policies and programs is essential. Whether it is through formal written comments, presenting at key events, or navigating the alphabet soup of important federal groups and processes, you need to work with someone who's done it under multiple administrations and across the complexity of federal interagency and White House committees. In the energy and electricity space, state level engagement is just as necessary. Solan Strategies has that experience and expertise.

Congressional Strategies

Whether it is testifying in the House or Senate, communicating the importance of critical technologies in the federal budget before appropriations and authorization committees, or ensuring individual legislators have the information they need, David Solan has across-the-board experience. Committee professional staff. Press Secretary. Legislative Director. Testifying as Deputy Assistant Secretary and Head of the Department of Energy Office of Policy. Advancing and defending programs to achieve results. Maintaining and cementing integrity and trustworthiness.

Strategic Impact

Washington DC is a city of coalitions, "issue campaigns," advocacy, and relationships. Having the right multi-layered strategies aligned with important stakeholders and affected groups is only becoming more important to policy making, especially in times when the budget and appropriations process has become a year-round endeavor. Similarly, federal and state bureaucracies have been growing more complex and expansive in regulation. There is power for your organization in networks, and especially in the innovation, technology, sustainability, energy, and national security spaces.